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About Us


Central Oregon Goat Association

COGAIn 1975 several goat herds and farms launched a new nonprofit called the Central Oregon Dairy Goat Association to promote information about dairy goat products. In 2002 the association changed its name to the Central Oregon Goat Association (COGA) to focus on all goat breeds and now encompasses many varieties of goats. Some of the varieties include dairy, meat, fiber, pygmy, fainting, pack/cart, and the smaller mini breeds.


COGA hopes to provide the following main benefits to goat husbandry in our region:

  • Work with regional county fairs and shows for qualified judging; (Our first ADGA sanctioned Doe and Buck Show was held July, 1976 at the Redmond Fairgrounds)
  • We support promotional programs to raise the public perception and political climate for the goat industry that will provide optimum economic opportunities for Association members
  • We sponsor shows giving breeders and exhibitors opportunities to compete for awards
  • We sponsor product classes and exhibitions which showcase the best in amateur and commercial goat related products
  • Promote wholesome and educational experience for 4H and other youth involvement in the goat business and in many instances have led to lifelong involvement
  • Promote matters pertaining to the history, publicity, breeding, exhibition and improvement of goats
  • Help educate our region and establish better knowledge of goat care, raising and husbandry

COGA has members all around the Central Oregon area including Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Powell Butte, Madras, Culver and Terrebonne.