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Since 1975 Central Oregon Goat Association (COGA) has been serving the greater Central Oregon goat industry. Originally known as the "Central Oregon Dairy Goat Association" our club grew to include other purpose breeds so the organization changed its name to the "Central Oregon Goats Association" (COGA) where all types, purpose and breeds are welcome. Our first ADGA sanctioned show was held in Central Oregon in 1976 and we continue to promote the goat industry with our collective knowledge and experience. 

Whether you're thinking of acquiring your first goat or the owner of a home farm or commercial business farm, we hope that you let COGA help provide the resources you need to be successful in your venture.



Our primary responsibilities are to educate , share our knowledge, skill and experiences in all phases of goat production.

  • Promote matters pertaining to the history, publicity, breeding, exhibition and improvement of goats
  • We sponsor shows giving breeders and exhibitors opportunities to compete for awards
  • We sponsor product classes and exhibitions which showcase the best in amateur and commercial goat related products
  • Our youth activities have provided a wholesome and educational experience to hundres in Central Oregon, and in many instances have led to lifelong involvement in the goat business
  • We support promotional programs to raise the public perception and political climate for the goat industry that will provide optimum economic opportunities for Association members

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So, if you are not a member of COGA, we invite you to join today!

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